Payment Solutions

In a hyper competitive market where everyone is trying to outsmart each other, it is important to always think ahead. In a sale, the most important part is closing the deal. If your customer wants to pay with a card but you don’t have any device to get there payment, you lose the opportunity to close the sale. You lose the client who would probably have loved your products and services and told all her friends about it. The power of Word of Mouth is underestimated but it really does help grow the number of your customers. Pacific Island Payment Solutions Hawaii understands that every business needs to offer the complete package for payment processing

Below are the payment solutions your business should have:

  1. Pin Debit Card Processing. This additional payment option is convenient and safe for both the buyer and the seller. Merchants don’t have to go through the hassle of checks with this payment option. Customers also benefit from it with an optional for cash back. Pin debit processing is less expensive than the average credit card transactions, but it already gives the convenience that your consumers need.
  2. Credit Card Processing. This payment solution is an essential part of any business because most people are already going to pay with plastic. This means most prefer to go cashless and just bring around their credit cards, as it is quite convenient and lessens the chances of getting robbed. Pacific Island Payment Solutions Hawaii only bills a fraction of what others ask and yet we can help your business grow!
  3. Check Electronic Processing. An image of the check is uploaded and funded to the account of the merchant using an imager and a PC. This makes checks processes fast and easy for you! This electronic solution allows for conversion of future deposit checks too.
  4. Cash Advance. This not only helps grow your business, it also gives you working capital that you need quickly. Your future stream of sales revenues from credit cards can be your way to get money when you need it.
  5. Managed Billing. This flexible payment solution allows you to automate clients payments by establishing a billing schedule and creating customer profiles, while choosing from weekly, monthly, or annual payment programs.
  6. Auto-Debit Arrangements. Fast, hassle-free, and convenient—these are three adjectives to describe this payment solution. This payment solution not only reduces the amount of effort your clients put into paying you for your products and services, but it also allows for customer retention and loyalty.
  7. Gift Cards. Who doesn’t like gift cards? It is a good way to market your brand because it already includes your logo and contact details on it. It also helps you grow the number of customers you already have because gift cards can land on different people’s hands. We offer you customized gift cards, card production, and even marketing consultation to help you better distribute.

If you want to not only keep up with the latest trends in business but also be in the front end of your industry, it is best to always update your whole business package. It isn’t enough that your products and services are good–you also need to think about the start and the end of your sales transactions. Pacific Island Payment Solutions Hawaii can help you with that! Call us now 888-962-8522 and talk to a payment expert about how you want your business to grow.