Business is all around us—the building beside your condo may have a restaurant or the app that you’re enjoying right now may also be billing you for the services it offers. Those businesses are growing from proper planning and right execution. Your company should also be in the know about what the small and big businesses are doing to improve themselves. Pacific Island Payment Solutions Hawaii can help you reach more customers with our payment solutions.


For restaurants that need hand held solutions when delivering food to customers doorsteps, we offer a wide array of devices that can go wireless so that you can go to your customers and take their payments without the use of cash. This way, you are able to keep both you and your customer safe from the dangers of possible theft. Whether your restaurant is still starting or is already an established name in the food industry, it is best to partner up with a company that is customer-oriented. Pacific Island Payment Solutions Hawaii is that partner and more because we understand that the industry that you are in is very competitive so you need to step up your game.

Retail Companies

Competition is tough in the retail business, and it is always important that you have advantage over your competitors. Most people nowadays go cashless and prefer to use their credit cards to pay for things that they buy. With this in mind, if your company only accepts cash right now, you should already be preparing to make your business more customer-oriented and start accepting credit card payment. Pacific Island Payment Solutions Hawaii has the devices and services that your business needs to attract more paying customers.

Travel Companies

People who are traveling and touring new places always want convenience. Their travel period is already hassling enough so you wouldn’t want to add it by not being able to satisfy their payment needs. Sure, your business could provide the best services in town, but if your client can’t pay you in the way they want to, you lose a client. We can help you accept payments online or at your physical reception desk.

Online Selling

Online merchants rely on a third party company to receive online payments for them. They either do that or put more hassle on the clients by making them go to a bank to remit the money to you. Obviously, the best solution is to have a payment provider that is reliable and hassle-free. We at Pacific Island Payment Solutions Hawaii always want to offer you our support to manage your payment schemes and grow your market with our top-of-the-line devices and services.

Oil Petroleum Companies

Service is always key in any business, especially the oil petroleum business. Clients need fast and convenient payment solutions that will take away the hassles of payment. We offer reporting solutions, loyalty programs, and top-speed authorizations that your company will surely benefit from.

Always put in mind that a lost business means lost opportunity. If you lost a sale to a customer, you lost the opportunity to get his friends as your customers too. Word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire and one customer can always recommend your products and services to other friends and acquaintances.

Pacific Island Payment Solutions Hawaii is a reliable partner to your growing business. Call 888-962-8522 now and let’s talk about growing your business.