BAM Hawaii Digital Signage

BAM Hawaii Digital Signage is a Hawaii-based technology company dedicated to creating innovative, easy-to-use, and affordable digital signage solutions.

Digital signage providers-
*Powerful, robust, and stable digital signage solutions
*Pricing to fit your budget
*Pre-configured, plug-and-play devices that work with any monitor or display with an HDMI input. The ability to manage content remotely from your PC or mobile device and have it updated in real-time on your displays
*Live customer support and training

Our Process

  1. CONTENT – You provide us with your existing content or choose from one of our templates.
  2. LAYOUT – We convert your content to work with our digital signage software format and combine the elements into an aesthetically pleasing layout.
  3. PROGRAM – We program, configure and test the system to match your specific requirements (screens, formats, scheduling).
  4. DEPLOY – The device player is delivered to you, pre-configured and ready to go. Just plug and play!

Package Deals available. Call to inquire about sales and installation.